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Writing Services

Considering taking me on as an SEO Writer and adding my services to your content marketing efforts? Here is a brief overview of the services I offer and my rates. Regardless of what service you choose, you will receive the following on every project I work on:

  • Intense subject research in order to deliver the best possible product

  • Unlimited free revisions until you are 1,000% satisfied

  • Attention to detail from years of professional writing and editing

  • Full control over the subject matter

  • Search Engine Optimization

*Listed prices include any and all independent keyword research.

Blogging - Rate varies by length

Blogging is the most effective and fun way for your brand to demonstrate thought leadership in your industry and engage with your audience. 

  1. Short post (400-600 words) - $200

  2. Medium post (800-1,200 words) - $400

  3. Long post (1,400-1600) - $600

  4. Customized rate for posts longer than 1,600 words


Landing Page Copy - $200 per page

No product can sell itself; that's what great copy is for. Rate includes all required on-page copy, title tags, and meta descriptions.

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