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Sunrise Over Oak Hill (Feature)

Logline: The leader of a rebellion spends his last night before his execution a prisoner in his childhood home, causing him to reflect...or escape.


  • Blacklist evaluation: 7/10

  • Top 25, Save the Cat

  • Semifinalist, The Art of Brooklyn Screenplay Competition

A Queen's Ransom (Pilot)

Logline: As fascist movements spread like wildfire in Pre-War Europe, and exiled princess must decide whether to save her country and her family the only way she can: joining the fascists and leading Moravia as its figurehead queen.


  • Top 25, Save the Cat

  • Finalist, The Art of Brooklyn Screenplay Competition

  • Top 19% of all projects on Coverfly

The Dragon Heart (Pilot)

Logline: A young pirate finds himself dragged into the losing side of a decades-long civil war after he discovers a missing prince with strange powers and his bodyguard hiding aboard his ship.


  • Featured on Coverfly's 2024 Red List

  • Semifinalist, Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship, Season 7

  • Quarterfinalist, Emerging Screenwriters, Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Honor Among Thieves (Pilot)

Logline: Japan, 1582. A brutal young samurai has killed his adopted father and claimed control of the nation. Now, he must prove he is worthy of his prize as his enemies rally against him. 


  • #4 on Coverfly's July 2024 Red List

  • Quarterfinalist, The Golden Script Competition

  • Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship, Season 7

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